Commercial Tile

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Swan Tile offers tile installation and repair services for a wide variety of commercial clients. Tile is an integral part of many commercial buildings due to its great durability, as well as its simple maintenance. High traffic areas such as restaurants, supermarkets, and public business centers rely on tile to offer a pleasant look, while also maintaining the durability and resilience that is necessary in these types of environments.

The members of the Swan Tile team know the personal benefit received by helping and beautifying institutions that provide for the needs of others. Over the course of its 26 years in business, Swan Tile has installed floor and wall tile at many of the Rochester area hospitals and Nursing Homes at the most fair cost possible while upholding the absolute pinnacle quality of workmanship. A few of these many satisfied institutions include Strong Memorial Hospital, Saint Ann’s Nursing Home, and The Jewish Community Center.

Swan Tile has likewise been quite a presence in a number of government projects and industries. For example, in 2008 the Swan Tile Team was contracted with the entire renovation of Groveland State Prison. This remodeling is just one small example of the many government projects that Swan Tile has been an active participant in. Many of these jobs include, not only bathrooms and showers, but also kitchens and cafeterias. Aside from prisons, Swan Tile has installed floors at many town halls and other municipal buildings, in which they have created grand entrances and beautiful floor designs.

 Swan Tile has also been a large promoter of higher education, both through its donations to many area elementary and High Schools, as well as through its work in many public and private schools. By working tirelessly and efficiently, Swan Tile has been able to bring beauty to many local education centers, including Holy Cross Elementary School, RIT, University of Rochester, and McQuaid Jesuit. Their projects in these schools is seen in all aspects; from comfortable bathroom settings to glorious entryways featuring  mosaic patterns.

A few examples of the industries Swan Tile has worked with are:

  • Supermarkets
  • Restaurants / Bars
  • Retail Stores
  • Public & Private Schools
  • Gyms / Athletic Facilities
  • Corporate Office Centers
  • Banks
  • Government Buildings