Office Buildings

Over its 30 year history, Swan Tile has completed hundreds of office building projects including sprawling corporate campuses, professional lobbies, individual workplaces, and collaborative work environments. Swan Tile’s work can be seen across the Greater Rochester area, from the newly renovated Sibley Building to the storied offices and entryways of Kodak and Xerox.

Schools and Universities

Swan Tile is a large supporter and partner of higher education throughout the Western New York Region. Swan Tile has been able to bring beauty to many local education centers, including Holy Cross Elementary School, RIT, University of Rochester, McQuaid Jesuit, Auburn Elementary School, as well as many others. Their projects in these schools includes everything from epoxy coated classrooms to bathrooms and shower rooms to detailed entryways, featuring custom mosaic patterns.

Parking Garages

Swan Tile has built a strong reputation for expertise and experience in creating long lasting epoxy coated corporate parking garage floors. Swan Tile prides itself on completing these epoxy projects with a strong attention to detail, ensuring that the project is completed correctly and perfectly the first time. This strong resume of excellence and expertise awarded Swan Tile the project to completely renovate the Xerox corporate parking garage in 2015, totaling over 100,000 sqft. of epoxy coating.


Swan Tile has been a great contributor to the allure and ambiance of many restaurants, bakeries, and cafes in the Upstate New York region through its specialized tile and epoxy installations. Swan Tile has been able to create kitchens and dining halls that not only bring lavish praise, but also create an environment in which one can enjoy their meal in comfort and relaxation.

Auto Dealerships

As the preferred tile contractor for auto dealerships in Upstate New York, Swan Tile has created the beautiful showrooms of prominent companies such as Cortese, Doan, West Herr Mercedes and Valley Cadillac, along with many others. The quality of work is seen in these showrooms, as the luxury vehicles are accented tremendously by the unique and custom designed floors created by the Swan Tile team.

Shopping Malls

Swan Tile has been the contractor of choice for Malls in Upstate New York since its founding in 1988. Swan Tile has created and perfected many of the Greater Rochester Area retail centers in the many years since. Because of their commitment to time and quality, Swan Tile was also selected to help lead the renovation of The Mall at Greece Ridge in Rochester, NY in 2011.

Other Commercial Projects

Swan Tile offers tile installation and repair services for a wide variety of commercial clients. Tile is an integral part of many commercial buildings due to its great durability, as well as its simple maintenance. High traffic areas such as restaurants, supermarkets, and public business centers rely on tile to offer a pleasant look, while also maintaining the durability and resilience that is necessary in these types of environments.