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Epoxy Floor Coatings

Swan Tile has a special division of epoxy specialists, devoted to providing the best new and replacements epoxy coatings.Swan Tile is an officially trained and certified installer of Sherwin-Willams General Polymers coatings. This line of products is used in the Food and Beverage Industry, as well as in many aspects of the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industries. The Swan Tile team also has extensive experience installing Sherwin-Williams FasTop™ Urethane Flooring Systems.

As one of only a handful of Nationally certified epoxy contractors in New York State, the Swan Tile team have become experts in the field of preparation, installation, and treatment of epoxy and industrial coated floors.


Concrete Grinding, Floor Polishing, Shot Blasting

Shot blasting is the preferred method of epoxy coating and tile preparation, recommended by all major coating manufacturers. It produces excellent bonding characteristics that promote reduced coating failure and maximum floor life. Swan Tile has complete shot blasting capabilities using the latest and most advanced technology available. The Swan Tile team is able to perform these floor preparations and installations for all of upstate NY including Rochester, Buffalo and Syracuse.


Commercial Tile

Swan Tile offers tile installation and repair services for a wide variety of commercial client.